On Friday, January 31, 2020 we graciously invite you to enjoy our very first Kamayan Feast at Filistix Downtown.

The term “kamayan” is a Tagalog/Filipino word that means to “eat with your hands”

This was how Filipinos ate before we were colonized by the Spanish who introduced utensils.

Although it is still a common way to eat at the table, kamayan was made popular by the “Boodle Fight” concept

– a custom adopted by Philippine military cadets where they ate off banana leaves at a communal table.

Two (2) seatings: 5:30pm and 8pm

Ticket sales: 5:30pm or 8pm

Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] for any questions!

To know how this is done, watch this

Good read on kamayan: What Eating with My Hands Means to Me (and 6 Other Filipinos)

Don’t know how to eat with your hands?

Don’t worry! We’ll TEACH you!

See you there!